7 Turks and Caicos Events (Party in Paradise) | Aqua Divina 7 Turks and Caicos Events (Party in Paradise) | Aqua Divina

Every day in a tropical paradise is a celebration! But some days are more special than others. The Turks and Caicos archipelago hosts a number of annual parties, holidays and other island celebrations, so if you’re looking to spice up your exotic island retreat, make sure to sync up your holidays with these special events!

Here are some of the most important Turks and Caicos events:

Valentine’s Day Cup

Planning to take your significant other on a romantic island retreat in Turks and Caicos? Great idea! While you’re here, you can take a day trip down to the idyllic Bambarra Beach down in Middle Caicos on the Saturday closest to February 14. That’s when and where the annual Valentine’s Day model sailboat cup is held.

This quaint little tournament offers a great chance for you to enjoy local music, traditional food and explore the island’s many natural attractions and secluded beaches.

Wine Cellar Golf and Fishing Tournament

Every year in March, there is a special event that brings together locals and tourists alike: The Wine Cellar Golf and Fishing Tournament. The event includes a deep fishing competition, complete with cash prizes awarded to the heaviest fish catch, and a golf challenge hosted at the Royal Turks and Caicos Golf Club., Grace Bay, Providenciales.
AquaDivina Golf

The Caribbean House Evolution Boat Party

Summertime is music festival time! Turks and Caicos takes it to another level though, by organizing a three-day special mega island party in late July. As the name itself suggests, the festival celebrates the Caribbean music genre, and it has already gained some international recognition from the music industry. The highlight of this event is the boat party that takes place on the secluded Water Cay island.

Caribbean Food and Wine Festival

Pay a visit to the Caribbean Food and Wine Festival for a deep dive into the best wining and dining experience Turks and Caicos has to offer! This event is usually held in early November and spans over several days, during which different restaurants and resorts across all islands showcase their best food and wine.
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Conch Festival

Call it a belated Halloween… only less spooky, more delicious. The Conch Festival is a colorful celebration of the island’s number one culinary specialty: the Queen Conch. Every year during the last weekend of November, people gather in the fishing settlement of Blue Hills on Providenciales to enjoy delicious conch dishes prepared locally.


A colorful blend between a Caribbean-style Junkanoo parade and a masquerade party, the Maskanoo is an annual street festival that takes place along Grace Bay Road on December 26 (Boxing Day). The event offers a great chance to get to know the locals and experience traditional food and music.

New Year’s Eve

By far, the most spectacular celebration of the year is saved for the end. New Year’s in Turks and Caicos is truly special, complete with a massive display of fireworks over Grace Bay, beach bonfires and sky lanterns lit all over the island. If you’re here in Turks and Caicos when the clocks strike midnight, you’re in for an epic start of the new year!
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That being said, put on your party hat and travel to Turks and Caicos!