Best time to visit Turks and Caicos (Weather and Prices) Best time to visit Turks and Caicos (Weather and Prices)

Best Time to Visit Turks and Caicos for Perfect Weather and Great Prices

Planning your next tropical getaway to the marvelous islands of Turks and Caicos? Great choice! The archipelago is an excellent tropical destination, worthy of a top spot on your travel wish list. With its blue waters and gorgeous beaches, natural and historical attractions and a wealth of fun activities available, it’s a great place to be any day of the year.

That being said, some times of the year are better for visiting the islands than others. That’s taking into consideration weather (dry versus hurricane season), accommodation prices and how crowded it can get. If you’re wondering when to visit Turks and Caicos to find the best weather and prices, keep on reading!


The first thing to consider when traveling to Turks and Caicos for your dream exotic vacation is weather. While the occasional cloudy or rainy day has its charm and can give you a welcome break from too many days spent basking in the hot summer sun, anything worse than that can disrupt your plans.

The weather in Turks and Caicos tends to be pretty consistent all throughout the year, with temperatures sitting at an annual average range of 75° F to 95° F (24° C to 35° C). Disregarding the occasional storms, weather conditions are usually great for sunbathing and swimming to your heart’s content.

April to June offer a sweet spot when it comes to weather, maximizing your chances of a warm, sunny vacation from start to finish. During these months, the islands get little rain and temperatures that peak at around 84°F – 87°F.

December to April is another good time to visit the islands, weather-wise, being also the driest season of the year. However, this period tends to be quite crowded and pricey, and it’s usually considered high season for tourist influx.

If you happen to book your vacation any time between June and December, you might run into some issues with the weather in Turks and Caicos. June 1st marks the beginning of the hurricane season in the Atlantic, which officially ends on November 30th. Statistically, most hurricanes happen in August and September, so either avoid these months altogether or plan for the possibility of weather mishaps.

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Prices & availability

Like most popular tourist destinations around the world, Turks and Caicos also has seasonal spikes of tourist arrivals. The most crowded time of the year seems to always be December to March, possibly because it aligns with the various holidays, spring breaks and why not, winter blues. This period also coincides with the dry season in the Caribbean.

During this peak season, prices for accommodations around the islands might go up by 30 to 50% and availability may be limited, so do plan ahead and explore the best options for your stay during this time.

Just like for weather, the months of April, May and June – situated between peak season and off-season – are a sweet spot for prices and general availability. Also known as the shoulder season, this time of year comes with more budget-friendly options and fewer crowds.

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Staying in Turks and Caicos between June and December is cheapest, but the weather can be hit or miss, because of the hurricane season. Hotels and resorts usually have the lowest rates and might even offer extra nights for free or other benefits. Crowds are also smaller, and you’ll have easier access to most attractions on the islands.

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