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The destination wedding industry has seen a boom in recent years, with 40% of destination weddings in the USA taking place in international locations. Mexico, Hawaii and the Caribbean are the top three wedding locations outside continental U.S. With 90% of couples saying that climate was the number one reason for choosing a destination.

With tropical climates and islands defining the choices of destination wedding seekers, there seems to be one common question sewing together the love stories of all looking abroad for their big day– where is the best beach to get married?

If you are looking for the best beach wedding destination, Grace Bay in Turks and Caicos must be on the top of your list. Grace Bay Beach currently holds the position of World Travel Awards’ World’s Leading Beach Destination, and 2nd place in Trip Advisor’s World’s Best Beaches, and over the previous decade, Grace Bay has taken first or second place in these two competitions 19 times!

But there is more to the Turks and Caicos as a wedding destination than just Grace Bay beach: the islands turquoise waters, year-round tropical climate, numerous direct flights from the US and exceptional hospitality all combine to make for the perfect dream beach wedding.

Here is a look at what to expect from the top 5 Turks and Caicos wedding beach destinations.

Where is the best beach to get married

Grace Bay Beach

As the recipient of many designations, awards, and accolades, Grace Bay beach needs little justification as one of the top wedding beaches in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

This world-famous pristine beach is located on the northeast coast of the island of Providenciales with an extensive barrier reef, located about a mile offshore, protecting Grace Bay from the ocean swells of the Atlantic, which helps to keep the water at the beach calm and safe and free of pesky summertime sargassum weeds.

Although Grace Bay is home to most of Providenciales’ resorts, and it can sometimes seem as if every tourist on the island has converged there, this beach hardly ever feels crowded or touristy.

If Grace Bay already sounds like your ideal Turks and Caicos beach for a destination wedding, it gets even better! An early evening or late afternoon wedding will have the sun setting across the waters behind you, perfectly framing the moment you say I do!

When planning your Grace Bay beach wedding, keep in mind that April to June is considered wedding season in the Turks and Caicos. This time of year sees minimal showers and the temperatures have not quite reached the extremes of summer. Another added benefit of planning your wedding outside of the peak season of December to March, is that Grace Bay will be less crowded, and flight prices tend to be cheaper.

Another thing to keep in mind when planning your Grace Bay beach wedding is that it’s surrounded by most of the islands resorts and restaurants, meaning you will have easy access to all amenities, and there are numerous wedding reception venues right on the beach to choose from. Grace Bay beach is also surrounded by fantastic resort and villa options, like the secluded-yet-close-enough to Grace Bay resort of Aqua Divina.

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Long bay Beach

Your options for an adventurous wedding are endless on the number one watersports beach in the Turks and Caicos! If you are looking to make a statement entrance to your tropical beach wedding, Long Bay beach might just be the spot for you. You can zip across the crystal-clear waters on a jet ski and get dropped off right on the beach or gallop along the beach on horseback to say your I do’s.

Long Bay is one of the best wedding beaches in Turks and Caicos for adventurous couples seeking an active wedding. As late afternoons will see the skies filled with kite surfers and, as jet skis are banned on Grace Bay beach, there will be a fair amount of action out on the waters of Long Bay to frame your wedding.

Long Bay is an incredible 3-mile-long beach on the southeast side of Providenciales. The water at this popular coast is a breathtaking turquoise, with shallow depths leading off for a very great distance off the beach. Like nearly all destination wedding beaches in the Turks and Caicos, the sand at Long Bay is perfectly soft and white. Long Bay also has far fewer visitors than Grace Bay, allowing for much more privacy on your wedding day.

Both Long Bay and Grace Bay are amazing beaches, yet they are quite different. Beachfront resorts and hotels line much of Grace Bay, whereas Long Bay is a bit more private.

Compared to Grace Bay, Long Bay does have two slight drawbacks. Seasonal sargassum weeds can be expected in the summer months, and Long Bay is a little bit further removed from wedding venues and fine dining options that line the coastline of Grace Bay.

When planning your perfect Turks and Caicos beach wedding on Long Bay, make sure to plan ahead, as you will need to shuttle guests to and from your reception and accommodations. When booking your wedding, stay with a reputable resort like Aqua Divina, they will help you organize and plan out all of these smaller details to make sure you have a beautiful stress-free wedding day!

Turks and caicos beaches

Leeward Beach

With plenty of secluded white sand real estate, Leeward Beach is one of the finest wedding destination beaches in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The coast is adjacent to, and continues east, from Grace Bay and surrounds the upscale residential region of Leeward.

Leeward Beach has less development and consequently less traffic than Grace Bay or Long Bay Beach, so you’ll likely be able to find a secluded and private section of the coast to enjoy a completely private wedding ceremony.

Leeward beach provides scenic views of the Grace Bay resorts and hotels from the western end, and at the eastern end is Leeward Going Through Channel, the waterway that separates Providenciales from the uninhabited Caicos Cays to the east. There are several exquisite sights here, including the Turks and Caicos Rock Iguana sanctuary of Little Water Cay and the wetland island of Mangrove Cay.

When there’s a bit of ocean swell, the ocean water in the area becomes a brilliant neon turquoise, especially off the north of Emerald Point and Leeward Going Through areas. The color is truly breathtaking, and few people believe that the photos of Leeward Beach are real until they experience the coast for themselves.

These natural gems that surround Leeward beach make for the ideal backdrop for stunning wedding photos, and if you are into the perfect social media posts to accompany your big day, Leeward Beach is definitely social media worthy and will inspire some serious FOMO!

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Malcolm Beach

If a completely secluded beach wedding is what you are after, set your sights on Malcom Beach. This beach is found off the remote west coast of Providenciales with 1.3 miles of unspoiled coastline.

As is the case with all sand in the Turks and Caicos, the beach at Malcolm’s Road is made of broken-down coral and shell matter. The reef where much of this material originates from isn’t far off, so the sand is consequently newer, large-grained, quite coarse, and irregular in structure. This may not initially sound pleasant, yet it actually results in an amazing peach-toned beach that’s incredibly soft underfoot.

Due to being very close to the edge of the Caicos Islands plateau, Malcolm’s Road Beach can be a bit more exposed to the ocean swells at times than the other beaches on the island, and hence offers a different character than the other beaches on this list.

Hosting a wedding on this completely secluded beach will take a little bit more planning than having a wedding on the other more populated beaches in the Turks and Caicos. Guests will have to be shuttled in, and you will have to make provisions to have a bar and some light snacks available for after the wedding ceremony before guests are taken to your wedding reception area.

But in the end the effort will be worth the reward when you have an entire tropical beach all to yourselves!

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Sapodilla Bay beach

Sapodilla Bay Beach is found off the south coast of Providenciales near Chalk Sound, and is a beautiful 900-foot-long stretch of sheltered beach. The water is shallow, calm, and clear, and perfect for those in-the-water wedding shots!

This beach is a 10-mile drive from the central tourism region and resorts of Grace Bay, and offers an interesting and diverse setting. Luxury vacation villas line the beach and surrounding coastal cliffs, private yachts are at anchor in the bay and the turquoise lagoons of Chalk Sound offers a spectacular backdrop for wedding photos.

The ocean water temp in the Turks and Caicos is always great, but the sheltered coast of Sapodilla Bay has even warmer water due to localized heating by the sun, making it ideal for a winter wedding when the waters tend to be a little bit cooler.

Even though Grace Bay beach sees far more visitors on a daily basis and never feels crowded, Sapodilla Bay can actually feel crowded on a busy day, due to the small size of this intimate beach.

But it’s also exactly this small intimate size that makes Sapodilla Bay the ideal beaches in Turks and Caicos for weddings -if you happen to find it on a quiet day.

Sapodilla Bay is also the perfect spot to treat your wedding quests to a post wedding ceremony boat cruise through the impressive Chalk Sound lagoon.

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